Short Sales and Lease Options

It’s been sometime since I’ve taken a step back and reflected on what I’ve been doing right and wrong in my business.  And I’ll admit that one of the main things that I’ve been doing wrong is speaking with unmotivated sellers.  Now hear me out…I do realize that to find “motivated sellers” you must sift through numerous “unmotivated sellers”.  However, I believe that the process of sifting through the unmotivated, slowly drains you…your morale and overall motivation. Ideally, one would outsource this task and avoid such a phenomena.  But if outsourcing it is not in your budget, you have to work around this.

About one month ago, I’ve made a more narrow focus to my wholesaling niche.  It’s gone from overall wholesaling…to something more specific.  Wholesaling short-sales and lease-options.  After speaking with so many people who needed to sell, but just didn’t have the equity or motivation for me to bother making a typical offer, it became clear to me.  For those who are behind on payments and financially in distress: short-sale, and for those who aren’t behind and in no financial trouble: lease-option.

And in addition to this new focus, I’ve now brought in a few partners into the game with me.  It completely sucked doing trying to do it all on my own.  Not to say it can’t be done.  But probably not with your sanity and social-life still in tact.  It’s awesome to login to HighriseHQ in the morning only to see some tasks that your partner completed (I highly recommend it for project management).

So, stay on the look-out for what that guy Justin McClelland has in store.  And buy the way, I haven’t forgotten about the all the things I mentioned in posts from weeks/months ago.  From CraigsList scrapers, to CraigsList posters, to making bomb-ass turkey sandwiches.  I’ve been testing a whole heep of things…I’ll report back soon about them.

If you haven’t already, friend me on Facebook.  I’ve added numerous videos to my page that only my friends can see.  This is partly due to the fact that it’s WAY easier to upload videos to Facebook versus YouTube.  And also, since only my “friends” can view my videos on FB…I can control who gets to take a peek at my renegade, real estate vids (oops…I just spilled the beans).  Hurry up and friend me while you can, I’m almost at the 5K friend limit.

- Peace Out

The top image is related to one of the projects that I’ve got in the works.  It involves Realtors, Foreclosures, and BMW’s.  Stay tuned…

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